Sunday, April 09, 2006

100 Things About Me

  1. I am married to Richard, a funny brilliant man who I adore and cherish.
  2. We dated for 5 months before getting hitched in 1986.
  3. We were already “older” when we got married – I was 26 he was 31.
  4. It took three years of infertility treatments before we were able to have children, and in fact we had already gathered the papers to start adoption procedures.
  5. I have two daughters, Hillary Anne and Melissa Erin.
  6. Not to be bragging, but they are both brilliant. I believe Hillary has a photographic memory so her A’s come easily, but Melissa has to study for every single A she gets.
  7. My Dad was in the Air Force so we grew up all over the USA.
  8. My favorite state that I lived in at that time was North Dakota.
  9. The coldest it got while we lived in Grand Forks was 48 below, or 98 below wind chill.
  10. I have four younger brothers and one older sister.
  11. One brother is a talented guitarist in a West Kentucky regional band.
  12. One brother is a talented drummer, but he earns his paycheck as a science teacher.
  13. One brother is a mechanical genius who just bought a new house with his young wife.
  14. One brother is a genius genius, but I don’t typically agree with his life-decisions.
  15. My sister is a widow who lost her husband to cancer when he was 43. I still grieve for both her and him and their four children. It breaks my heart.
  16. When I was 5-years old I swallowed a dime my mom gave me for the ice cream truck, so my sister halved a Popsicle with me (she’s a sweetie). I never found the dime.
  17. I graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Journalism/Radio-TV.
  18. I worked at WKMS-FM in the promotions department.
  19. I hosted “Backroads” and was “Ralph the Engineer” on the “Ranger Bob Show.”
  20. My college years were a time of great joy in my life, my memories are wonderful!
  21. I was born at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, the nearest town was Knobnoster.
  22. I have been to all but three states: Connecticut, Michigan, and Alaska.
  23. I’ve been to Mexico and Canada, but never “overseas”.
  24. I’ve been quoted in several national publications including: Real Simple, Fortune, USA Today, and Money.
  25. I’ve published award winning news articles!
  26. I forgot to take the price tag of the dress I wore to my first job interview.
  27. One night I had diarrhea while riding in a boat on the Ohio River.
  28. Barges have really big spotlights.
  29. I have voted republican, but I mostly vote for democrats.
  30. I think those currently in power in Washington are setting our country up to be the next Roman empire.
  31. I completely support space exploration.
  32. I hope the nations of our world can learn to love and accept each other without violence and hatred.
  33. I am not a hippy.
  34. I have two dogs: Libby and Cocoa.
  35. I have two cats: Pootster and Kitty. Pootster is really old. She’s 18 in cat hears. That’s 126 in human years.
  36. I’ve had my heart broken more times by friends than by men.
  37. I was engaged once before to someone I’m quite grateful that I didn’t marry.
  38. My husband has never yelled at me.
  39. Sometimes I fail, but I’m usually willing to take a chance on things.
  40. I believe the U.S. has lost the war on drugs. Let’s legalize them so we can tax them and control them.
  41. I love watching TV. My favorite shows are: Lost, Survivor, Two and Half Men, King of Queens, VH1 Reality Shows, and all the Designed to Sell and Sell This House type shows.
  42. My favorite author is Anne McCaffrey and her Dragonriders of Pern series.
  43. I’ve learned to really enjoy Andre Norton and have several pieces from her estate, including jewelry, books, and a beaded coin purse.
  44. I am diabetic and really struggle hard to eat right. It is an agonizing struggle.
  45. I have liver disease caused by diabetes. If I don’t lose 50 pounds, I could die. Yet I still struggle.
  46. I wish I was independently wealthy so I could build my dream home, take a lot of vacations, and enjoy a lot of quality, fun time with my family.
  47. If I won the Powerball, I’d probably give a lot of it away to my family and some friends.
  48. I lost a lot of weight right before I met my husband. People who previously wouldn’t give me the time of day were suddenly much nicer.
  49. I really used to enjoy things like hiking, but because I married a man with a bad leg that part of my life fell away.
  50. I used to own a banjo, but don't have a bit of music talent.
  51. My mother-in-law has lived with us for more than 11 years.
  52. I should be sainted, except I don’t go to church often enough!
  53. I don’t look at all good in hats.
  54. I am the leader of a Girl Scout troop.
  55. I used to be president of the Waldron School PTO.
  56. I am angry at people who mix politics with religion.
  57. My favorite toy when I was little was a purple bicycle with a b-a-n-a-n-a seat.
  58. My favorite city I’ve visited is a toss-up between Boston and Austin.
  59. I hate Wal Mart.
  60. The former treasurer of the United States was a reference on my resume.
  61. I’ve thought about being a foster mom.
  62. All the walls in my house are white, except those that have wallpaper.
  63. I don’t think I’m a bad cook, but my family makes fun of my cooking when I do.
  64. My favorite movies are Star Trek: First Contact, Independence Day, The Fifth Element, Men in Black, Office Space, Lord of the Rings… see a pattern here?
  65. I have written a children’s book called “The Adventures of Pheebs and Pattie” that has yet to be published.
  66. I have two favorite cakes: yellow with chocolate icing and Mississippi Mud Cake.
  67. I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 11, 2001.
  68. I was three-years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
  69. I hated mushrooms and rice until after college.
  70. My Mom and I earned got a “C” in home-economics when I was in 8th grade. I only passed because she sewed the top I was supposed to make.
  71. I don’t like taking orders. If you ask me to do something, I’m happy to help. If you tell me, I get angry.
  72. I cry when I get mad.
  73. Do. Not. Screw. Me. Over. My license plate should read DFWM (for Don’t F with me).
  74. My favorite drink is Diet Cream Soda by A&W.
  75. I think Wisconsin is an awesome state – they have cheese curds and beautiful landscapes.
  76. I am now wearing my first pair of bifocals and I love them. I don’t have to squint anymore.
  77. My favorite joke was a Jesus joke, but since I don’t want to go to hell I stopped telling it.
  78. I love computers and almost all accompanying technology.
  79. I really should run for political office, but the skeletons in my closet prevent me from doing this.
  80. I love watching Bill Maher and Jon Stewart.
  81. If I had to choose between ocean or mountain, I’d pick mountain.
  82. I want to ride in a hot air balloon.
  83. My dentist’s name in Lexington was Dr. Hurt.
  84. I had early signs of cancer, so had a hysterectomy when I was 37.
  85. Giving birth to 9-pound babies au naturale is a lot easier than having an acute gall bladder attack.
  86. I know the guy whose Dad recommended the U.S. go to the metric system.
  87. When I was a teenager, I snooped in all the hiding places of the people I’d babysit for.
  88. I invested in the stock market from the money I earned babysitting when I was 12-years old.
  89. I had to get a tetanus shot when I was around 7 years old because I let one of my neighbors stick a dart in my arm while we played doctor.
  90. Since we’ve lived in LaVergne, we’ve caught a very pregnant black widow spider that gave birth to about 1000 babies in a jar we had her in. We’ve also caught a big old snake that we released by Percy Priest Lake up the road from us.
  91. I am scared of spiders and snakes.
  92. I’m thinking about getting a permit to carry a concealed weapon.
  93. I nearly drowned as a child, but still love the water.
  94. If I could be any animal, I’d be a bird because I think flying would be awesome.
  95. I was born and raised Catholic.
  96. I would secretly like to write movie scripts.
  97. I bit my nails unti I was about 30 years old.
  98. My hair is hideously straight without a perm.
  99. I once forgot that my garage door wasn't all the way open, and backed into it.
  100. Some people think I'm a control freak.


Blogger Sonia said...

You and I have a lot in common!

VH1 reality fave!

48 below? no thanks. lol

8:06 AM  
Blogger newscoma said...

Kathy, you and should be twins (although I'm not married, so much applies.) We have a great batting average on this one.

5:57 PM  
Blogger SistaSmiff said...

I cry when I get mad, too. Not everytime I get mad, but, a lot of times I do.

6:26 PM  

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